COVID-19 Announcements-1 for our International Students

  1. All students are on leave for 3 weeks from 16.03.2020. Subsequently, the lost time will be compensated.
  2. In the next period, the courses that taken by more than 3 students will be done through distance education, online platforms. Please contact your supervisors and lecturers about how to do this.
  3. Not so all the courses at the post-graduate will be done through distance education. Also, exams will be held normally at the end of the semester in courses to be held through distance education.
  4. Doctorate proficiency exams will be planned in May-June instead of April-May period and will be done further as much as possible in the future in this period.
  5. For all international students who cannot pass through the border gates, will be accepted as on leave (frozen) 2019-2020 Spring semester.
  6. Those who want to return to their country can go, but if they leave without requesting to freeze the record, they will be considered unsuccessful in this semester, 2019-2020 Spring.

  Please follow our internet site for further announcements.