International Students

Admission of International Student Candidates

All International student candidates should certify their knowledge of Turkey Turkish, at least in level B, in order to enroll to the Graduate School as a regular student. Otherwise, upon giving the acceptance letter, two semesters are given to the candidates to learn Turkish in the courses to be given by TÖMER at our university. At the end of this period, the registration of the unsuccessful student will be deleted and the course fees paid by the students are not be refunded.

During the courses of Turkish language, the students who want to attend the graduate courses to be given in English as part of their graduate study, must certify their knowledge of English with a score of level B. English language certificates are not required for students whose native language or the official language of the country that they come from is English. Others have to get a valid score on the English language proficiency exam to be held by our University. Students who are unsuccessful in this examination, if they want, can also take part in English language courses that will be offered by our university language school, if they pay the course fee.

Also, the students will continue to the Turkish courses at the weekend for getting the certificate in level C in order to graduate from the graduate programs. 

Graduation period is at least 4 (max. 6) semesters for the master degree (MSc), and at least 8 (max. 12) semesters for Ph.D. The enrollment of a student who cannot complete the thesis studies within the maximum period will be deleted by the Administrative Board of Graduate School. During graduate study, international students have to comply with the rules that Turkish students should obey.

For doctoral degree

International student candidates must gain at least 55 points from YDS (Foreign Language Exam held in Turkey) or one of the following points from the equivalent language exams (TOEFL, PTE or CAE), except for those their native language is English, in order to apply to a doctoral program of the Graduate School.

Accepted Language Exams For English:

TOEFL (iBT)       66 = 55 YDS

PTE (Academic) 50 = 55 YDS

CAE                     C = 60 YDS

International students whose native language is English:

German, French, Italian or Spanish language proficiency is accepted. The applicant is required to have at least level B2 language skills in the exams accepted.

In addition to the foreign language requirement, candidates who apply to the doctoral program must have gained at least one of the following scores from one of the Academic Staff and Graduate Education Admission Exam (ALES held in Turkey), Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) exams.

Accepted Exams and Minimum Scores for Ph.D. Candidates:

ALES     > 55

GRE      > 150 (610 in the old system)

GMAT    > 450


The Documents needed for getting Acceptance Letter:

Please fill the Application Form - FORM AP-1

  1. Approved photocopy of the diploma
  2. Sworn translation of Diploma *
  3. Foreign University recognition certificate from HEC (YOK)
  4. Approved photocopy of transcript
  5. Sworn translation of transcript *
  6. Photocopy of passport (clear and valid for at least one year)
  7. Certificate for ALES, GRE or GMAT result (for Ph.D.)
  8. YDS, TOEFL (iBT), PTE (Academic) or CAE foreign language certificate (for Ph.D.)

• In case the above mentioned documents are sent to the e-mail address ( of the Graduate School without missing one, an Acceptance letter is prepared and forwarded to their e-mail addresses of the candidates after accepted from the department applied.

• If an English Language Proficiency Certificate is submitted, the Applicant can attend to up to 3 courses in graduate level in English.

Required Documents for Regular Student Admission:

  1. Turkish Proficiency Certificate at the minimum B level and TÖMER registration certificate for C level course to be given on weekends


* Turkish translation approved by the notary in Turkey or by the Foreign Representative of the Republic of Turkey.

PS: All the document sould be sent to the e-mail address ( of the Graduate School without missing one. Otherwise, the applications are not evaluated.


Updated on 08 August 2018